YokMap 2.0
The easiest way to handle imagemaps
for use in web pages

An imagemap is a clickable image that acts differently based upon where the user clicks. Imagemaps are supported by every modern browser and can be used, for example, to navigate between rooms in a virtual house, on a regular map or simply between pages on a site. The navigation links on this page is an example of a working imagemap, created using YokMap.

YokMap is a tooldeisgned to make t really easy to create and edit imagemaps. It works harmlessly side-by.side with any HTML or XHTML-editor. Use YokMap to create imagemaps for your web site, and use the program again to easily edit the maps when needed, without losing any changes you may have made in another program. YokMap smoothly opens existing imagemaps in virtually any file that is written in HTML or XHTML, no matter if it was created with the program itself or not, and allows you to optionally save it back into the original file without messing with the rest of the code.

Code can be copied and pasted between YokMap and your editor of choice, appearing as easily editable imagemap areas in YokMap and as properly coded HTML or XHTML elsewhere. You can even use the program to import and export server-side CERN and NCSA imagemaps to convert or update your old-style imagemaps. YokMap is easy to use, but still offers powerful features such as resizing multiple areas simultaneously, automatically loading images from a server when needed and having text encoding and HTML entities conversion to be done automatically in the background.

The package includes various examples showing how the program can be used and what you can do with imagemaps. YokMap is localized into Swedish and English and requires MacOS X 10.2 or later.

Version 2.0 is compiled for both Intel and PPC and adds XHTML support as well as loads of improvements and bugfixes.



Idiot's Delight 1.3.1
When you have other things to do

The most stupid solitaire game ever. Key features includes Emulated Self Discipline, Advanced Cheating Options and full keyboard support. Go ahead and spend some time when you really should do something else. Freeware available in German, Swedish and English.